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Mon Jan 3, 2022

Say Yes to New Adventures

Education continues to be one of the prime need for human life after the three basic necessities; food, clothing and shelter. So, choosing a field of study in terms of selecting the right career option becomes a major concern for most of the students and their parents/guardians. Everyone wants the best while most of the students are not capable enough to analyse the available career options; and parents get confused between the passion and profession. In the process of selecting the best career option for their ward, most of the parents unintentionally forget to consider the interest areas of their children which eventually build up a strong foundation of generation gap. Since, the thing starts at a very early age and gradually becomes more and more complex with the deposition of multiple layers of thoughts; so, opening up each layer while considering the delicacy of innocent minds and hearts is our goal.

Firstly, we need to understand a fact about population classification. We all know that the bases of such classifications have been gender, socio-economic status and racial classification majorly. Apart from these, there is another strong base of population classification that we are not much acceptable to and that is Artistic V/s logical.

Across the globe, there is one set of people who posses’ prominent artistic skills while there is another set who have dominant logical/analytical skills. We just need to understand the fine line difference between the two classes. It wouldn’t be right if we say that the people with artistic abilities are not at all calculative or the people with good analytical skills have zero artistic abilities. Every human brain has a dominant and a recessive part so, only the ratio is different. It is possible that one person has 90% artistic abilities and 10 % analytical abilities while the other can have 70% analytical abilities and only 30% artistic abilities and so on. We just need to understand that this ratio is different for each one of us which can be easily done with the help of adopting the right communication channels. Now, what is this right communication channels? It is not only about initiating a conversation; it is not about tele-communications, e-communications or written communications; it starts with observation. As a parent, it is very important to observe the child and understand the personality type. There are extroverts, introverts, ambiverts and omniverts majorly. Once you understand the personality type, initiate the conversation gradually in a manner that the child feels comfortable enough to participate and put across their thoughts on the table. Listen to your child without judging them on the basis of socially standardized criteria of living life. Stop comparing them with any other child. Understand the fact that two siblings can be different, two cousins can be different, two friends can be different, two classmates can be different and even you two can be different. Every individual has their own unique thought process which should not be suppressed at any cost. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong; we just need to listen and understand our difference of opinions. Handle the innocent minds and hearts with care. Do not let them shell-in within their protective hard covering of an arrogant and stubborn personality; appreciate their qualities and accept their limitation; that is the best way to motivate them to enhance their qualities and work upon their limitations. Understand that things don’t work overnight; the process takes time. Find out time for your child on a regular basis and initiate healthy conversations. It is very important to know your child as an individual; that brings you a step closer towards choosing the right field of study or the right career option for your child.

Next to this, we need to understand and accept that nobody can be an expert of everything. It is possible that you are a very good banking professional or an engineer or a doctor, you are well settled, leading a good family and social life; but it is equally possible at the same time that you have no idea about pursuing a career in Art, Literature, Design, Architecture, Music, Dance, Choreography, Acting, Photography, Film Making and so on. In such case, consult a professional. If your child has an inclination towards a field of study which is entirely different from your profession; a professional who is working in that particular field can be the best advisor. Do not judge professionals for their success; their experience matters. In fact, one can also consult professionals from the early stages itself, in case you are facing difficulties in understanding the personality type of your child and their interest areas. Now, it’s the time to start with the training classes in terms of shaping up creativity and skills. At this stage you need to find out a professional who is a good mentor too. The purpose is to shape up an identity which is an amalgamation of professional skills and personal ethics. Only a true mentor can inculcate the right values and desired skills/expertise. Let your child explore the dimensions of chosen profession to the fullest; let them understand about the courses, the streams, the colleges, the scopes, fee structure, scholarship programmes and future prospects. The research will lead you to the right decision.

As a whole, it’s a very simple step - by - step process that includes:

  • Observing the Child
  • Adopting the right Communication Channel
  • Understanding Personality type
  • Identifying Interest
  • Appreciation/Motivation
  • Seeking Professional Advice
  • Shaping up Creativity and skills
  • Exploring Creative Dimensions
  • Choosing the right Career option

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