A Perfect Blend of Creativity and Skills

Thu Jun 2, 2022

Education is one of the prime needs after food, shelter and clothing. It is important for individual growth, a close-knit family, betterment of society, bright future of the Country and overall development in Global context. Starting from basic education to specializations, we have diverse range of courses available at schools and universities. Therefore, before choosing any specialization, analysis of your personality in terms of identifying interest is a major concern. Irrespective of any specialized field of study, an analysis of some parameters in terms of keeping a check on your suitability for this profession is another major concern. From Technical Education to Art & Design studies, we have some standardized methodologies to analyze one’s suitability for the course. The purpose is to test the subject knowledge, logical reasoning ability, general awareness, comprehension, communication, creativity and skills as per the requirement of the course. While the above mentioned parameters including subject knowledge, logical reasoning ability, general awareness, comprehension and communication are common for all the technical courses; Creativity and Skills are additional yet major parameters for various streams in Art and Design studies. From Architecture to Fashion Design, Textile Design, Accessory Design, Leather Design, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Animation, Fine Arts and many more, creativity and skills are tested. Hence, we first need to understand the fine line difference between the two. So, the question is how creativity and skills are different from one another. Let’s understand this.

Creativity can be defined as a unique, innovative idea which is further accompanied with an implementation plan. It has its expansion from Art to Design, Literature, music, Philosophy, Psychology, Engineering, Technology, Humanities and so on. The idea may be tangible or intangible. It originates from a tiny seed of imagination and further gets transformed into a practical approach with strong visualization power and execution plan. Further, the presentation of idea in terms of execution requires some specific skill sets which are Sketching, Drawing, Detailing, Knowledge of Software etc. Therefore, we can say that Skills are mediums to present our creative ideas; they are a unit under Creativity and indeed a part we need to excel, in order to attain accuracy during representation of the idea.

Once we understand the basic difference between creativity and skills, we open up our mind frames to work in such a manner that we develop creativity and enhance skills. Now, we understand the importance of including both in our style of working in terms of scoring better on these parameters. Solving a paper of three or four questions within the given time frame demands a perfect blend of creativity and skills. Further, this perfect blend of creativity and skills is going to act as a fuel to sustain well in the industry.

Additionally, there’s a strong need to come out from the peculiarity of that thought process, 

hey, you are good in drawing, why don’t you go for Fashion Design!

Understand the difference between Art and Design. Understand Fashion as a specialization within Design; and know that there are many more specializations. Consult Professionals, show them your sketches/artworks and they will suggest the right field of study according to your style. It is very important to identify pattern; check on the proportion of creativity and skills; and balancing them. That’s how we create a perfect blend of creativity and skills in order to pursue a career in Art/Design. We also need to understand that; Creativity is needed not only in Art/Design but it is needed in all the fields of study in one way or the other. In fact, it is needed in all the aspects of life. We are coming forth with innovations on an everyday basis in all the fields. It’s our vision to see things with a different perspective and our approach to bring it to the focus, which marks the beginning for a change.

To summarize this in a few points:

  • Go for a Personality Test
  • Identify Interest
  • Consult Professionals
  • Take an analysis of the style/pattern
  • Check the ratio of Creativity and Skills
  • Adopt the right methodology to develop creativity and enhance skills
  • Balance the ratio of Creativity and Skills
  • Create a perfect blend of Creativity and Skills
  • Select the right career option

Vibhawari Shrivastava
(PenName_Meera MeghaShyam)

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